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Due to its numerous benefits to both manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma is becoming more and more prevalent in India. Investment in third-party pharma manufacturing is indeed a great choice because it lends a strong hand to develop and flourish your pharma business. Investment should be done cautiously because it is a really responsible task. Even though third-party manufacturing can elevate your company’s growth immensely, choosing a reliable Third Party Pharma Manufacturer to work with is essential if you intend to get the best services possible that meet your requirements.

Healthwise Pharma is a leading Third Party Manufacturer in India that can help you grow your business, maximize your resources and support you throughout your success. Healthwise Pharma is an ISO-certified company that is highly knowledgable and expert in the domain of Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma. We are specialized when it comes to the manufacturing of soft gelatin products. Our team includes leading pharmacists, marketing, and business professionals of the nation who are well-qualified to easily navigate through the Indian regulatory system. The company is a fastest-growing Third Party Pharma Manufacturer aiming to serve the people with quality and affordable drugs. We are aiming to cover the entire globe in the coming years with our best manufacturing services.

Why choose Third Party Pharma Manufacturer for your business growth?

Third party manufacturing can give a massive boom to your pharma business given you choose the best manufacturer. If you are confused as to whether you need to invest in Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma, we’ve rounded up some reasons for you which may help you decide.

1. Pharmaceutical companies are provided with high-quality pharmaceutical products and affordable manufacturing services.
2. Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma is a hassle-free business. Once the order has been confirmed with the Third Party Pharma Manufacturer, it is solely the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide you with pharmaceutical products that are ready for sale.
3. When you are well impressed by the benefits of the pharma business but lack the resources to invest in a well-equipped modern manufacturing facility, you can simply get your products manufactured from a third party manufacturer at a fraction of the cost.
4. If you want to grow your product range, you can take help from a Third Party Pharma Manufacturer to manufacture the required products on your behalf.
5. Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma is the ideal option today when pharmaceutical businesses are searching for innovative yet cost-effective ways to produce pharmaceutical products.

Associate with the best Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in India

Healthwise Pharma is the best Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in India that provides excellent manufacturing services at affordable rates. We are a quality-oriented Third Party Manufacturer in India committed to delivering the best quality range of Soft gelatine products to improve the health of consumers. Our extensive range of soft gel products is high in efficacy and low in side effects. Our company never compromises on quality and adheres to the strict guidelines of GMP and WHO. Healthwise Pharma is led by an experienced team of professionals who thrive to attain 100% customer satisfaction and for that we as a leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturer make every possible to provide the best products and unparalleled manufacturing services. Thus, we are a dominant player and have won numerous accolades in the pharmaceutical sector. You can associate with us, and see your business reach newer heights.

Third Party Manufacturing

Healthwise Pharma’s product list

Healthwise pharma is committed to manufacturing fine quality soft gels using the best manufacturing equipment and under the guidance of renowned experts from around the nation. We always sync in with the consumer’s rising medical needs. We are a reputed Third Party Pharma Manufacturer for our patient-centered methodology, and we have made sure that our clients receive superior, long-lasting, efficient, dependable, and safe solutions. Moreover, the FSSAI has certified all of our soft gel products, and DCGI has approved them. Therefore, all our products are reliable and have no side effects. We only provide genuine soft gels that are exceptional in quality and efficacy. We offer a wide range of soft gelatin products in various categories which are listed below:

Vitamin Range

Calcium, Multivitamin, and Iron Supplements

Nutraceuticals (Antioxidant Soft gel capsules)

Documents you need to submit for Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma

When it comes to manufacturing services, our organization is quite competent. Anyone who wants to take an advantage of our services must submit the following paperwork:
Third Party Manufacturing

Best packaging and labeling by top Third Party Pharma Manufacturer

In order to assess the effectiveness of our soft gelatin products in treating the health problem, Healthwise Pharma is strongly committed to quality products, patient safety, and affordability. We are a customer-oriented company thus, we aim to achieve 100% satisfaction from our clients. Being a top Third Party Pharma Manufacturer, the greatest standards of safety, quality, and hygiene are always upheld at Healthwise Pharma, whether we are purchasing raw materials, manufacturing, or packaging.

Economic value of strategic Alliance with Healthwise Pharma

Healthwise Pharma is a reliable and reputed Third Party Manufacturer in India offering the best Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma sector. We know that every pharma company desires to grow and we are here to offer you a strong economic value for your alliance with us. We can help you grow by leaps and bounds in terms of economy, reputation, and affordability.

Third Party Manufacturer

Expeditious and Secure Logistics Service at Healthwise Pharma

We are all aware of how severely the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted various industries. However, Healthwise Pharma is associated with the top logistics provider in India, which undertakes its work seriously and with great responsibility. Our delivery process becomes completely secure and smooth with them.

Join Us!

If you are interested in taking your pharma company to next level. You can approach Healthwise Pharma and we will assure you the best third-party manufacturing services in the market. You will get the highest quality pharma products at very reasonable rates. You can reach out to Healthwise Pharma, a leading Third Party Manufacturer in India at +91-8434600090 or write us an email at You will never regret your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

A third party pharma manufacturer in India is a company that produces pharmaceutical products for other companies on a contract basis. They provide manufacturing services, including formulation development, packaging, labeling, and quality control.

The benefits of using a third party pharma manufacturer in India include cost savings, increased production capacity, access to specialized expertise, reduced time to market, and flexibility in scaling up or down production as needed.

A third party pharma manufacturer in India can produce a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, injections, syrups, ointments, creams, and powders.

To choose a reliable third party pharma manufacturer in India, you should consider their experience, reputation, quality control processes, regulatory compliance, production capacity, and pricing.

No, you do not need to provide your own raw materials to a third party pharma manufacturer in India. They can source the necessary raw materials and ingredients for your product.

Yes, a third party pharma manufacturer in India can help you with product formulation. They have experienced formulation scientists who can develop customized formulations to meet your specific requirements.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing in India is regulated by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and complies with international standards such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 9001:2015.

The turnaround time for manufacturing pharmaceutical products with a third party pharma manufacturer in India depends on the complexity of the product and the production capacity of the manufacturer. However, it typically ranges from 4 to 8 weeks.

You can ensure quality control when working with a third party pharma manufacturer in India by conducting regular audits, requiring documentation of quality control processes, and selecting a manufacturer with a proven track record of producing high-quality pharmaceutical products.

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